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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
Says it all.

"Townsend, who possesses a sunny disposition, isn't holding a grudge against the USTA. "I've gotten a lot of great opportunities, great fitness, great coaching," she said. "I'm doing everything that they ask me to do and being professional about everything." Shelia Townsend, who moved to Florida with her daughter and works in the Palm Beach school system, agreed the USTA academy had been good for her daughter. "It has afforded her a lot of opportunities," she said."
PR 101 folks...don't bite the hand that feeds you.

All they can do is smile and agree on the outside regardless of how they feel on the inside. Otherwise they jeopardize future opportunities - expenses, WCs....all they can do is say the USTA is wonderful, they aren't stupid. But we would be naive and foolish to think this is how they actually feel. Only those on the inside know that.

edit..that sounds like one fabricated response.

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