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Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post

The article states that the USTA Player Development asked Taylor, the #1 ranked junior in the world, to withdraw from the US Open junior tournament because she is too fat. They "benched" her, meaning that they didn't pay any of her expenses towards the tournament as they are paying for all the other USTA Development juniors. Her mother is paying her way through the US Open.

The USTA is only letting her play enough tennis to keep her timing and have doubled her fitness regimen.

She is 16 years old and definitely not as fit as should could be but she is still so young and has time to get her weight in better control. I hope that their drastic punishment doesn't lead to an eating disorder (she is at the perfect age that this could occur) or try to create an underweight stick figure like Ivanovic or Kournikova. She has been successful in her junior career and so far her weight hasn't hindered her. What do you think?
This is NOT a fair thing that USTA is doing to her. This is just a power trip by USTA.
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