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There have been several threads in the last year discussing posture and its relation to knee and foot problems. I believe that this is very important for many people and is important for me.

Hopefully, you do not have advanced arthritis. Some indication of cartilage condition is the knee cartilage spacing on an X-Ray taken specially to show it. Ask your Dr to discuss this spacing.

If you have had MRIs request the written reports that the specialist who examined the images wrote. It lists the injury and is literally also a checklist of the other conditions of your knee. Some issues may not be discussed very much by your Dr. I ask for the MRI report at the lab when I get the MRI but your Dr will also have a copy. Search the terms to get an idea of your knee condition and discuss with your Dr.

One important aspect is that the knee and foot receive much of their alignment from muscles in the hip, pelvis and butt areas. These muscles tend to get tight or weak and affect the knee and foot.

My first meniscus tear was in 1999. I gave it 4 months to heal and it didn't. Surgery was successful. It was injured when I had gone back for an overhead late in the match and was tired. The second meniscus tear of the other knee was in 2011, I rested for 3 months, started back very slowly (4-6 weeks) and had PT for posture issues identified by a sports medicine specialist. Both knees feel good now and do not affect my tennis.

Search terms including TW forums: Trendelenburg, posture gluteus medius,
Chas Tennis posture, piriformis stretch, Posture Guy knee,

A few recent TW threads:

1) getting older
2) misusing your body as with lack of conditioning, risky posture, bad technique.
3) failure to allow healing.

My goal is to understand #2 and #3.
For 3), I try to play every 2 to 3 days instead of everyday. and stretch a lot everyday. also, people told me core strength is very important to the knee.
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