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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
A couple of more hours close to four.

- a little more power as the stringbed softens but nothing like the usual increase as poly tension drops prior to its board-like death...Still oustanding control and more precision than any other poly cross I've tried

- complete comfort and the stiffness towards 12 is gone

- dramatic increase in spin too, no idea why. I've never had it this easy keeping shots in while also stepping on the gas hard. Either the softening of the stringbed is doing something or the confidence 4G inspires is allowing me to rip topspin shots harder.

If the stringbed settles in anywhere close to what I hit tonight then I imagine labs across the industry will be reverse engineering 4G to develop a comparable product. In a hybrid with VS I've never hit any other string setup with this level precision and spin. As long as this thing doesn't become a rocket launcher or completely dead I'm 100% sold.

I know there's been a lot of talk about pro contracts and such but based on what I've seen in just about four hours I can see why someone like S Williams would adapt 4G in a hybrid. Complete no brainer imo. For we mere mortals with much smaller bank accounts the big question is longevity...which is still TBD.
I'm at about 10-12 hours now with my 4g16L/N.vy16 hybrid - also in a 16x18 racquet - Volkl X8 300g. I also noticed the initial slight change (settlement) with the string after about 2 hours of use and playability has since held constant. I am not yet ready to cut these out so they have held up better than my usual suspect poly's.

I had been playing with Wilson natty gut mains and poly string crosses; but I play in the deep south and almost entirely on 'clay' so the gut wasn't lasting for me. I really dig the N.vy16 as a cross for the poly.

The only thing I would add is that this 4g string adds a level of touch/feel/response that I haven't been able to find with other thicker gauge poly strings. For this racquet I don't like thin gauge strings in terms of control even at low tensions. The X8 is a spin monster, and I hit with a heavy spin from both wings naturally, so I prefer a thick gauge string - now I may have found one to stick with for awhile given the added level of touch and feel.
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