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Originally Posted by wrxinsc View Post
I'm at about 10-12 hours now with my 4g16L/N.vy16 hybrid - also in a 16x18 racquet - Volkl X8 300g. I also noticed the initial slight change (settlement) with the string after about 2 hours of use and playability has since held constant. I am not yet ready to cut these out so they have held up better than my usual suspect poly's.

I had been playing with Wilson natty gut mains and poly string crosses; but I play in the deep south and almost entirely on 'clay' so the gut wasn't lasting for me. I really dig the N.vy16 as a cross for the poly.

The only thing I would add is that this 4g string adds a level of touch/feel/response that I haven't been able to find with other thicker gauge poly strings. For this racquet I don't like thin gauge strings in terms of control even at low tensions. The X8 is a spin monster, and I hit with a heavy spin from both wings naturally, so I prefer a thick gauge string - now I may have found one to stick with for awhile given the added level of touch and feel.
Drakulie also reported that after a couple of hours of play the string bed seemed to settle in.

I fully agree about the touch/feel aspect of 4G. It might approach the borders of hyperbole but VS/4G feels very close to a full bed of very soft multi or natural gut. It certainly didn't feel that way at first but with a little bit of play it became very, very comfortable and soft without becoming a trampoline. They did some serious materials science research to come up with this. I've never been a fan of Luxilon and this is the first Lux string that I really enjoy.
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