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Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
That is actually the main reason I prefer 1 piece stringing over 2 piece stringing. Tension loss isn't really an issue if you know what you're doing when tying knots. In my opinion, knots are weak points in string jobs, so the less for me, the better. Also, less knots mean less grommets being mushroomed...
I could not agree more, I think one and two piece has advantages and disadvantages. When all else fails follow the manufacturers's recommendation. You also have to look at the customers you're stringing for. If rackets are strung day after day sooner or later the grommets will be mushroomed out and in a two week tournament that does not take long.

If I were playing in a two week major event I would want each racket torn down to bare racket and have the grips and grommets replaced then all rackets matched so each individual racket were perfect and identical to all others to start out. Lead tape comes off all the time I would also want any tape under the grommet system hidden from view so it would not fly off. If I played with an overwrap I would want each racket wrapped the same way every time when strung. I like to start my racket at 10 o'clock with the Logo's top to my right and wrap counterclockwise with the grip at the same angle to the racket the entire length of the handle so the overlap is the same width all the way up. I want the over grip all the way to the very edge of the butt cap and I want the top of the over wrap tapered so no corners protrude out from under the tape. I want the same tension on the grip all the way so the grip is not stretched out too thin or too soft so it feels mushy. I think the grip is more important to me that the stringing job.

It is clear to me may players don't feel like I do. If my racket hit the court and the grip was scuffed up I would want to replace it immediately but they don't. Then again maybe they understand the rules consequences of racket abuse.
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