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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
I am going to demo these racquets in 16x18 and 18x20 string pattern just to see how it compares to my PSTGT. Anyone else had a chance to try this racquet?
I have the racquets in both versions. The 16x18 has a bit more power and spin, while the 18x20 is more control oriented. They are low power racquets and fairly stiff. They're also on the heavy side overall, but they are headlight by 4-6 pts and you get tremendous stability. These racquets can handle any heavy shot and great for service returns. Also, the Amplifeel really dampens any vibration.

I think both can be tailored to be almost mirrors of each other with the right strings. I have picked up the game after a 12-yr layoff (my previous racquet was Pro Staff 6.1 Classic and played in college) and am experimenting with the strings. I have RPM Blast in one 18x20 (ok string) and NXT 17 in another 18x20 and in the 16x18. I will probably try the Solinco Tour Bite in the 18x20 get a bit more spin.
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