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Originally Posted by kme5150 View Post
There is no doubt this is a powerplay by P-Mac and company. Taylor's family knows that the USTA controls the majority of the wildcards for young Americans and without their help in the beginning of her pro career it will be a long road. That is why they are taking the high road, it is a smart move.

The Townsend's are now going to do what the majority of the country is doing and pay their own travel expenses. She is still going to get receive training for free and still be able to hit with great players and build her game, which is better than most.

Do I think this is wrong? Yes. Her weight didn't just happen on it's own, she has been there training day in and day out with them. To deny the #1 junior in the world a US Open qualifying wildcard is just insane.
I agree.

It really does seem more and more like Patrick is the wrong guy to be running USTA junior development.

He seems to be very immature in his decisions and some of the comments he has made lately about US players.
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