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I used to be sponsored by Lobster as a junior back in the 80's.
This particular model was the Lobster Composite, sold for $75USD and was reviewed by World Tennis Magazine which gave it, if I remember, a 10.8 on Sweet Spot size. It had an 80/20 composition, and a synthetic grip.

They also had the second generation Lobster Graphite. If anyone remembers, the 1st generation Lobster Graphite looked like an elognated Wilson Sting.
The second generation Lobster Graphite was the same mold, was a black frame (vs dark brown for the Lobster Composite), and was a bit stiffer and sold for $90 USD.

And there was the Lobster Ceramic, which was the same mold but had a lobster Red frame.

Also, there was a Lobster Magnesium frame with a nylon/plastic neck much like the Prince Magnesium.

They moved into the widebodies with the Lobster Citation Comp and the Lobster Citation.

I miss these rackets, I used to sell a bunch of them to my friends for dirt cheap, since I was getting them for free.
If anyone knows where I can get ANY of the Lobsters, please inbox me!!!
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