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Default Wilson Sensation Control 16

Frame: YouTek Radical Pro
String: Wilson Sensation Control 16
Tension: 52

Great string for a multi-- fairly easy to work with. It doesn't have the limper gummy feeling of regular sensation and is closer to a synthetic gut. The only slight issue I found was that it has a distinct propensity to ball up and nest when pulling the crosses. You need to watch out and make sure that your line is clear as you pull it through.

Ground Strokes:
Coming from someone who dislikes multi, I was not dissappointed. It's a low powered string with a softer feel. Fortunately for Wilson, the string does live up to it's name and there is a great measure of court sense when hitting the ball. While I do acknowledge the aforementioned, I must qualify it; I found a lot more control when hitting the ball fairly flat-- I had difficulty dialing in the spin because the strings simply does not grip the way poly does. Normally my launch angle is fairly high and the spin brings the ball back down-- at the offset, I was hitting the ball consistently 2-3 feet out. Having said that, with a bit of adjustment and better footwork, I was satisfied with the jump on the ball. Interestingly enough, it was decidedly more than Poly/Multi. As a feel measure, I can't really complain. While it's definitely different than poly, there's a sense of pocketing and absorption that I haven't noticed when playing earlier multis. I'm going to attribute this to the fact that I've always strung multi much higher in the past than in this instance. As mentioned before though, the biggest strength is hitting flat.

Having said that, I had some wicked fun hitting slices with this string. The lower power lets me float the ball over the net-- something I can't do with poly.


Never got the chance to try

Hit a few and it was as expected. The string plays pretty soft and the pocketing is great although the low power level makes it difficult to stick volleys. You really need to anticipate the ball and punch through the shot instead of just blocking the ball back in a different direction.

Durability/Tension Maintenance:
Exactly 1hr and 02min. I stepped on court at 6:30, it popped at 7:32. My only concession here is I spent a good 15-20 minutes hitting nothing but cross court heavy topspin forehands and it shows. The orange half of the frame is barely fuzzy.

Another MONSTER pet peeve. The strings move...Holy Sweet Jesus do the strings move...

Overall I can't say this was a bad experience. I didn't mind playing with the multi at all and it definitely gave my body a break playing a forgiving bed. I would suggest this string to those that are looking for something slightly stiffer multi that won't break the bank. Unfortunately, it's simply not for me. Even if it were only $5.00 a set, I can't deal with popping frames in an hour.

Groundstrokes: 3.5-4/5 Flat favored
Volleys:4/5 Soft, low powered
Power: 3.0/5 (not necessarily bad, just not there)
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