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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Time for PMac to go.

What I find baffling is how a quasi-government organization can almost infringe on someone's rights and yet PMac appears to pose as such a nice guy and get away with this as some kind of tough love.

People of some demographics are naturally chunky and the USTA should be sent a strong message with a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit. And there are others of any ethnicity, especially women, whose genetics and hormones make them fat.

The only situations where this kind of discrimination is allowed is in law enforcement, firefighters, and the military, and some other very specific and legally-upheld situations.

Tennis is about who wins, not whether she is thin or fat.
Virtually all professionally coached sport teams have weight guidelines for all players; show up at training camp 20 lbs overweight and you're going to lose the weight or lose playing time (or be cut.) It's not as if her recent results demonstrate an ability to play well at this weight. USTA is well within its rights to select and financially support players based on the obvious ability and fitness categories.
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