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Originally Posted by tennis_ocd View Post
How's that working?
She showed great promise... and perhaps the poster child for why the USTA should be concerned with player weight/fitness.
Um, who said they shouldn't be concerned about her fitness?

Being concerned about her weight/fitness is a bit different than refusing to support the #1 player in the world at her home slam and then publicly talking about this teenager's supposed weight problem.

Certainly does not seem like the actions of an organization with Taylor's best interest in mind.

There is probably a lot more to this story than we know.

As for Melanie, nope...her game never showed the type of promise that would make her a top pro player. She was a very good junior player but she simply does not have the weapons to compete at a high professional we have (unfortunately and repeatedly) seen.

Also, Melanie (along with several other USTA supported female players) is not the picture of fitness now and was even more out of shape with a "pot belly" in years past.

I don't remember the USTA ever humiliating Melanie about her weight as they have done to Taylor.

How's that working?
Not quite sure what that means other than you watch too much Dr. Phil.

Like I said, perhaps this glimpse into the nastiness that the USTA/P.McEnroe seems to direct at some of their players gives us some insight on the strained relationship between the Youngs and the USTA.

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