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Originally Posted by Radicalized View Post
Great post as usual, Drakulie.
Don't hate me for this one, but isn't the sponsor "Western and Southern" rather than the other way around, as in post #2? I never know if someone wants a possible error noted or not! I'll delete this note later.
I see Glynn, for example, is using a tabletop model. I'm guessing machines with bases aren't always preferred.
Radicalized, Thanks for pointing that out. I corrected it.

As for Glynn stringing on a table top, it is much easier to travel with the machines without the stand. It keeps the weight down. All of the P1 machines are table tops.

Originally Posted by rendermann View Post
Great post Drak ... Very informative and shows that the guys "behind the curtain" are real people that enjoy their craft and aren't looking for an ego boost they just take immense pride in what they do! Kudos to them and you!
Thanks for the post, and glad to read you understood the point of the article.

And YES, the P1 guys are all extremely humble, and very nice, and obviously take pride in their work, without being arrogant. With all they have accomplished, they remain very approachable.

Originally Posted by mikeler View Post

I do agree with your comment that natural gut is a waste as a cross versus a multifilament but I think that applies to the regular Joes here on TTW. I do think natural gut is slightly better as a cross and if I had Andy Murray's bank account, then I would certainly choose it over a multi cross.

Thank's for taking the time to post that. It must have taken quite a bit of time and effort to put that together. Good job.
Agreed about the natural gut.

As for the article, it took me so long to complete it because I kind of got "writers block". I simply couldn't put my thoughts together to tie in all the questions that were asked, into a nice write-up that says much more than simply a Q&A. After meeting with them, and realzing how much history they have been involved with, along with my own personal thoughts on the matter of stringers sort of being treated as "red-headed step childs" in the tennis community, I felt I owed it to stringers and technicians all over the world to do the Q&A in this manner.

Thanks for your post and comments.
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