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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Time for PMac to go.

What I find baffling is how a quasi-government organization can almost infringe on someone's rights and yet PMac appears to pose as such a nice guy and get away with this as some kind of tough love.
First, USTA has nothing to do with a government. It is a private organization with private funding. They can do whatever they want.

Second, not choosing to fund someone is NOT infringing on ANYONE's right. She can eat as much as she wants any time she wants, if that is her desire. Nobody can stop her from doing that. So, let's not go overboard and start talking about phantom rights infringement.

USTA has made it CLEAR that their aim is to produce top flight pros. They do not believe this young lady is on that track due to her fitness. That is their call no matter how much you find it distasteful.

Look, becoming a pro is very very difficult and you need every advantage you can get. We are not talking about some local high school player here. If she is not willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get to the top, USTA does need to make a decision on whether or not they are spending their money wisely.
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