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Originally Posted by Swood010 View Post
Whats up guys i've been gone for awhile but looking in getting back into tennis. I'm using the dunlop 500 bio now but looking for a set dtring been looking up an came across Golden Set and they have a combo going on for $88.12 for two reels Snake-Bite(Co-polyester mono-filament with a twisted heptagonal cross-section) + Classic Reel(Co-polymer core, multi-filament wrap (solid core, nylon based) has anyone heard about these or tried them? the price is what got me interested. Thanks for any input

Hey man, welcome back. There is a guy who strings at the shop down on I-drive who likes the Golden Set Velvet. I don't know if he has tried their polys though. I won't buy a reel without trying a set first, but that is just me.
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