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Originally Posted by tenniscasey View Post
Is there anything in the Singles Playbook that a lower-NTRP rec player wouldn't pick up on from paying attention to strategy during a few pro matches?
I honestly don't remember much of what was in Singles Playbook. The content was pretty bad, especially compared to his previous product, Tennis Ninja (which was excellent, I felt). I do remember there were videos where he attempted to show a few "plays" of some of the top players. How agassi moves the opponent side to side, how mcenroe slices down the middle to cut off angles. Then he shows drills to practice those "plays". But while watching the drills I mostly see the strategy failing and the practice partner winning the points instead.

Originally Posted by F. Perry View Post
I used to listen to his podcast and enjoyed it, there was a lot of good advice. But I can't stand how he breaks EVERYTHING down into three constituent parts. Having every stroke, strategy, movement broken down into three elements often doesn't help at all.
Haha I never noticed that. These days he hardly updates the podcasts though, seems like he's more busy with his video courses.
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