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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Thanks for starting the thread, Big. I was pooping rocks (per Rubie Sue on 'Christmas Vacation') late in the game. Glad the convict could 'bail' us out and put the game into OT. I was fully expecting another 'chokie' moment. I rant about it year after year but still can't figure out why Beamer can't open up the offense and/or recruit the athletes for a pro style offense. They get practically every good player in VA and snag a lot from Maryland, NC, TN, PN, OH but refuse to run a high output offense. The D has always been there, so why not open things up? I agree with Mik that Clemson should be a tougher out for FSU (and vice versa), though you never know.

Bama looks nasty. When you lose 7 D starters (and 6 are playing in the NFL right now-unreal), your D shouldn't be as good as Bama's. I share Rabbit's pain RE playing in the SEC...watched my Cats kick off another cellar dwellar season by dropping a pile against Lville on Sunday. Have fun this year, Joker...might be your last.

I'm hoping Oregon or USC gets through the season undefeated, as I really want to see another Pac 12/SEC title game.
It's going to be tough, since one team would have to beat the other, twice.

Our RS Freshman QB Mariota looked amazing in his debut, but I don't know how he'll handle the pressure of playing at USC. However, even if SC wins on November 3rd, I think we'd have a great shot at the Pac-12 title game. I favor Chip Kelly as a strategist moreso than Lane Kiffin.

I don't know if 12-1 would get a Pac-12 team into the NC game, especially if there's a Big10/12 team that runs the table. At this point, I don't know if I'd want to deal with Alabama as it is...Oregon is fast and getting bigger, but they're fast and huge at every position.

Should be a great CFB season!
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