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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
If you read the article again, she asked USTA for a (women's) US open main draw or qualifying wildcard. USTA denied that and wanted her to work on fitness. She recently lost in a first round quali pro tournament.

It sounds to me that Taylor wants to make a jump to the pro level. USTA said not yet... you've gotta deal with your fitness first.
IMO, very similar issue with Donald 1 junior making a transition. Fitness is important for her game and the tourn level. I could understand why USTPD wanted her well prepared for that but how's the "fitness" issue presented to her (and the media)...not sure it's right.
She's too good for the junior ITF by now.
I think you need to re-read the article. She asked them for a wildcard for the main tournament and they denied her, which is within their rights. But they couldn't deny her entry into the Junior Event, that not their decision, so they tried to strong arm her into not playing by refusing to support her (pay her travel expenses, etc). Again, within their rights, nobody's civil rights have been violated, there's no basis for a lawsuit, etc but it just seems petty, and well, USTA PD's typical heavy handed approach to things. I mean what's the point ? She's probably on her way back to Florida this weekend. Is she now not going to make it as a professional becuase she missed a week of conditioning to play at a tournament she earned the right to play in ?

Also, as her results show, she is not too good for the Junior ITF.

I don't disagree that she needs to be more fit. I just don't think trying to bully her into missing the Open was they way to go about it.

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