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Trip reports are my favourite threads. Thanks for posting!

Drak, when you're working alongside these guys, is there anything you've observed that sets apart seasoned tour stringers from a 'mere' professional like yourself? I remember reading a thread a few years ago (it may even have been one of yours) where someone strung alongside a very experienced stringer (whose name I can't recall... yep, I'm a little hazy on the details here...), and they said the thing that stood out most to them was economy of movement. The experienced stringer moved as little as possible, making the machine do the work. That sort of thing really interests me, but you can't really pose it as a direct question - if I asked Ron, or one of the other pros that post here, 'what tips do you have for us home stringers?', I doubt I'd get 'try standing still' very high up the list of answers...
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