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Originally Posted by MasturB View Post
What do you guys recommend for a good ball machine?

A few years ago I dropped almost 2k on Silent Partner's best machine. It crapped out on me after maybe 3-4 usages and they wanted me to send it back to them but I didn't have money to ship it back to them to fix it (I was looking at 250-300 bucks which was a lot for me in 2008 during the recession).

I've contacted Silent Partner about sending it back to them now and possibly fixing it (it's just been sitting in my room in the corner, still looks brand new). Problem is since it's out of warranty I'm not sure how much it's going to cost to fix and if it's even worth it (I'd probably have to pay for the shipping to and back as well).

So I'd probably rather buy a new ball machine and hope it doesn't crap out on me after 3-4 usages.

Anyone have any good recommendations? My price range will probably be between 1k-2k if it's a good machine with a reputable brand. Very eager to get out there and use a machine since a lot of my hitting friends have moved away.
Why would it cost you $250-$300 to ship it back to SP? I'm pretty sure FedEx Ground will ship to Canada for less than $1.50 a pound.
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