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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post
I took the leve I tennis coach course this year, and one of the things the instructor told us (and he's a university teacher and does research), is that, statistically, there is no evidence that someone that does not do warm up, has more injuries than someone that does.

It does not mean that you shouldnt do warm up, because it also prepares you for the workout (e.g. performance), but it appears to have no correlation to the number and severity of the injury.

I have no info. about the streatching..
3 out of 5 detailed research studies here disagree with the info you got and another 2 studies were inconclusive.

I'd fact check a professor that states something so odd. It's probably just a belief he has that he cannot prove with data.

Even purely on common sense, I don't get how someone can conceive that warming up isn't a wise move to prevent injury. I'm pretty sure I would tear my shoulder again if I went out and tried to hit a first serve with zero warm up. I do a fairly good job of warming up before going on court and take 12-15 practice serves at 60-75% before starting a match.
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