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Originally Posted by theblueark View Post
I honestly don't remember much of what was in Singles Playbook. The content was pretty bad, especially compared to his previous product, Tennis Ninja (which was excellent, I felt). I do remember there were videos where he attempted to show a few "plays" of some of the top players. How agassi moves the opponent side to side, how mcenroe slices down the middle to cut off angles. Then he shows drills to practice those "plays".
The problem with the Singles Playbook is that it was positioned as a course that taught you the same plays the pros use (which it does), but I didn't actually show you the pros doing them. I merely diagrammed them on my dry-erase board. So despite what I viewed as valuable information, some people's expectations weren't met.

I'm learning from my mistakes and constantly trying to provide more value to the tennis community. Singles Playbook 2.0 is on the way. We're paying $34,000 in footage licenses (yes, you read that right) and will have the top pros in action! You'll be able to see exactly how they run these plays and how you can too.
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