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Originally Posted by tenniscasey View Post
Is there anything in the Singles Playbook that a lower-NTRP rec player wouldn't pick up on from paying attention to strategy during a few pro matches?
Putting aside the Singles Playbook, I think there's a lot players at all levels of the game can learn about strategy. Another poster remarked that paying $100 to learn about strategy was too much - I couldn't disagree more.

Even the pros continue to learn. A few days ago I was at the US Open meeting with Sven Groeneveld. He's one of the top coaches in the world. He was saying how HawkEye data is about to be released, and how that will have important strategic implications for the pro game.

Where does Federer serve most frequently down 15 - 30? How about Nadal? Does Serena hit more down-the-line backhands later in a match? Etc. Will have a big impact on anticipation. Another layer to an already complicated chess match.

So... if things get that complicated at the pro level, and the pros are still learning, I certainly think recreational players shouldn't stand pat or be satisfied with some basic understanding of strategy.

If you want to start right now, here's a cool way to watch the US Open. Pick a particular player and watch how they move during a point. Don't watch the ball.

Slightly more advanced - if you can track both, watch how their lateral positioning changes when they hit down the line versus cross court. And how their vertical positioning changes if they hit a good shot, bad shot, drop shot, etc.
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