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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
or maybe they know she's not playing very well and wanted to prevent another upset, losing confidence USTA asked her to work on fitness and play lower profile tournaments??.....who knows. I could speculate all day, is she pre-diabetic?..that's why they are concerned about her health.
Of course, above is a joke..... I just don't know the story from either side. Just wish her well. I always root for all these deserving young players.
She is a kid who is maybe slightly overweight.

It is mean and punitive to try to disallow the #1 junior in the world from playing her home slam.

It's just mean and then for Patrick McEnroe to comment on her weight (coded as "fitness") is just bizarre and meanspirited.

It's not like she is 250 pounds and might risk her health by playing. She is probably 20-30 pounds higher in weight than her ideal (like a lot of other female players).

I'm sorry, I don't buy it.

The excuse that they didn't want her to play because of her fitness is bizarre and hard to believe considering she looks pretty much the same as she did when she won the Australian open earlier this year.

I've never heard any other instance of the USTA making a similar request of a top junior.

Not giving her a wildcard into the women's event is somewhat understandable, but not supporting her to play the junior tournament (where she has more right to be than any other junior as the world's #1) just doesn't make any sense.

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