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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Uh the did not prohibit her from anything. She is currently playing in the US open juniors. Hello anybody in there? They are just not paying for her. Any private organization can give money to somebody with whatever stipulations they want. Again if you don't want to follow their rules, then don't take their money and pay yourself.
Uh, goober. Don't live up to your name.

They have been paying for her tournaments, travel, training, and coaching for 2 years now.

To suddenly decide to not support her playing this tournament is not par for the course or normal.

As for their rules, I am sure this is not a rule.

I've never heard of the USTA telling any other #1 player not to play the US Open. I have not heard anything similar.

It sounds like arbitrary punishment meted out unfairly to their best player.
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