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Originally Posted by goober View Post
My view is that the #1 and #2 problems with adult rec level players are technical flaws and fitness. There is such a huge divide between adult rec level players and pros in these things that advanced levels strategy are not very applicable. If you say in certain situation, hit a kicker out wide the BH, well most rec players can't even hit the shot in the first place. What Serena, Fed and Nadal do it certain situations is only valuable if the rec player can has a full range of strokes at their command. Where you serve at 15-30 won't really matter that much if your serve is not very good to begin with.

I almost think a more valuable strategy guide for rec players is what you should do in certain situations based on your limitations- ie. weak backhand, limited fitness, below average serve, ect.
True, there is a huge divide. But whenever we talk about the pros we only focus on what recreational players can copy. We never talk about how to hit a 130 MPH serve, etc.

What I don't buy is that technical limitations mean you shouldn't worry about strategy. Your backhand is your weaker shot so opponents pick on it? Same thing happens to Federer.

The most obvious example that strategy is important at the recreational level is the pusher. Uglier strokes than you, less technical ability, yet he still beats you. Why is that? Because he has a very rudimentary strategy (keep the ball in and deep) and you don't know how to counteract it. That rudimentary strategy beats your superior strokes.
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