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Originally Posted by tennis_ocd View Post
What went wrong with it? Circuit card, bat, and perhaps two motors; not very much else to it.
This is from the e-mail I sent to their customer service:

I charged the machine fully the other day and took it out the next day.

I hooked it up on AC Power, and it was shooting the balls just fine, however I noticed after an hour or so I pressed the button that says machine on battery power and the lights went from 4 to 1, despite the fact I was using AC power.

There might be something wrong with the AC adaptor. because whenever I plug it in, I hear a lot of clicking inside the huge power box for a few seconds after I plug it in. The light on the car adaptor plugin thing comes on (and it lights green), but as I said, the button the machine that says machine on battery power went from 4 lights to 1 even thoguh i was using electrical power.

I onyl used the machine for an hour and a half maybe, and only at midcourt range (didn't have the machine shoot the balls for groundstroke practices, just volleying practice).


The machine was eventually would barely shoot balls past 3-4 feet from the machine itself. It would start at normal raqnge, then each following ball would get less and less distance until it consistently shot 3-4 feet. They recommended that I send it back because they said it sounded like a problem with the AC option (I had the AC/DC feature) but their technicians weren't completely sure and would have to take a look at it in person. The oscillation function was also messed up.

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