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Default Help Me Find The Right String!!

Ive been doing hours (literally more than a weeks worth of looking over these boards) of research and have given up and decided to create an account and get the experts advice.

Im a 4.5 borderline 5.0 player. I hit big off the forehand and keep things neutral with the backhand, Hit heavy spin off the fh, bh not soo much but its still not flat. i have a big serve with i use to get me on the offensive quick and like to use angles to open the dtl shot for an approach to finish at the net. Ive tried profiled strings such as tb twisted razor b5e ypts and found the spin generated was more than round polys but not too much and when the profiled strings lose their edges (which is too quick for me) the string bed is inconsistant. Plus they arent too good for volleys. So that turned me to round polys. Ive tried pro line ii and evolution, sppp, ptp, and silverstring. My favorite was evolution but the tension maintanence wasn't up to my standards, ss was too powerfull and a little to soft i like a crisp stringbed. ptp was a bit underpowered but i really liked this string. Basically i am looking for a string that is crisp control oriented (middle range in power) and spin friendly (possibly some kind of slick coating like the pro lines), I dont want to spend of 160 for the real, the cheaper the better.

PS use a yonex xi98 and string in full beds, 2 piece, at 53/51
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