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Originally Posted by wihamilton View Post
The problem with the Singles Playbook is that it was positioned as a course that taught you the same plays the pros use (which it does), but I didn't actually show you the pros doing them. I merely diagrammed them on my dry-erase board. So despite what I viewed as valuable information, some people's expectations weren't met.

I'm learning from my mistakes and constantly trying to provide more value to the tennis community. Singles Playbook 2.0 is on the way. We're paying $34,000 in footage licenses (yes, you read that right) and will have the top pros in action! You'll be able to see exactly how they run these plays and how you can too.
Nice to see you here, Will. To give some context, when I first started tennis with zero knowledge, I learnt EVERYTHING (forehand, backhad, etc) from the FYB free videos. Never had a coach. I loved the concept of breaking down the forehand into the essentials (starting with unit turn, I never picked up arming the ball because of this).

Then you released Tennis Ninja, and I was excited and bought the course. The lessons were invaluable and and loved them. I learnt all the basic strategy from the course, especially directionals. The content was pretty top notch. All the videos were available and you even replied to some comments people left behind on each video.

One of the biggest problems I feel with your other products is missing content and unanswered questions. I remember there are some videos which cannot be downloaded and people have commented on it but with no reply. Module 5 from the bonus Video Bootcamp is also missing with many people asking about it, the latest being 6 months ago. No replies too.

I guess people (well, I state for myself) start to feel a little abandoned. Especially when we see new content coming out, Yan's stuff, Doubles Playbook, etc. What happens to us left behind in FYB premium, Singles Playbook, the Bootcamp series (which is still missing the backhand bootcamp)?

I still am a giant fan of Tennis Ninja and review the videos once in a while. The Doubles Playbook free videos look excellent and I was extremely tempted to subscribe, but in the end my decision not to was mainly for the fear of being neglected again.
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