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Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
That is actually the main reason I prefer 1 piece stringing over 2 piece stringing. Tension loss isn't really an issue if you know what you're doing when tying knots. In my opinion, knots are weak points in string jobs, so the less for me, the better. Also, less knots mean less grommets being mushroomed.

As for my finishing knot, it's just one of the many variations of a double half hitch. I don't know if it has a name, and I don't call it anything. I'm sure someone decades ago used it, since all variations have been used way before any of us started stringing.

Hey Ron, When you are stringing one piece for guys like Tipsarevic and Wawrinka, do you string from bottom to top? I was told that was bad for the racquet because of the stress on the frame (I do not know if that is true) but what do you do? Also, Can you explain how you tie your double half hitch? If you do not want to it's okay, I'm just very curious.
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