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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
I'd have to say I prefer the older BLX Tour version more, and it basically comes down its higher swingweight (the amount of energy it takes to swing the racquet). I like racquets with heavier swingweights, as that extra heft tends to help me get better depth control and plowthrough with my stroke. The lower swingweight of the 2012 BLX Tour could help explain why I didn't find that level of control I liked with the nTour. However, I did like the comfort and feel of the 2012 racquet the best; it seemed to feel the softest on my arm. Too bad we couldn't just take the control of the nTour, the slight extra power from the older BLX, and the comfort of the 2012 frame - now, that would be my racquet of choice!
That was my wife's experience of the 2012. She stuck with her kTour because the swingweight was too low on the new one.
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