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Originally Posted by Bolivian10s View Post
Kind of what I thought, and fair enough. I certainly won't begrudge anyone their opinion since that's all it is.

OP - it sounds like you're in need of a machine with lots of bells and whistles since you implied that you'd be using it as a substitute for a hitting partner. My opinion is that any of the popular brands will due (specifically, Lobster, Wilson, Prince, and yes, SP). You were the victim of an unfortunate premature failure with your current machine, but that happens. Surely you realize the problem was that you didn't ship it back for warranty repair. Even still, I can't imagine the repair + shipping exceeding $1k.

Edit: MasterB - just because you buy a new machine doesn't necessarily make it reliable. As I said, electronic/mechanical/electro-mechanical components and parts sometimes fail prematurely just because. Trust me, SP's reputation for making good ball machines is solid, and that's probably an understatement. I'm not trying to talk you out of buying a new one; I'm just saying that you could spend $4,500 on a machine from high-profile company and have issues with it right out of the box. Again, given what you're looking to use your machine for, any of the well-known companies have products that should meet your needs.
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