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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Kramer once said that Gonzales played even better when he was mad. By "mad", I assume Kramer meant when Gonzales kept his anger inside and didn't explode. Anger can be used as a weapon as long as it is concentrated in the same direction, in the same way a piston box can make steam a weapon.
Laver himself said that he rather play a furious and angered Gonzales ( which was a scaring big man) because heŽd made unexpected mistakes, than a calm Gonzales, who could concentrated in the best use of his devastating play.

He also cites locker room funny stuff, like he stood up against Pancho after a torrid match and the guy was so surprised that anybody dared to face him ( specially a small guy but with a terrific wrist and arm) that he suddenly calmed down...
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