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Originally Posted by JohnB View Post
Today I went on the court with two customized rackets. I played with both of them and adjusted the weight until they felt the same except for the weight difference.(feel as close as possible)

I know it's hard to do this objectively, but I tried to get the same swingdynamic/swingfeel with both rackets. Both rackets gave me virtually the same control and the same connected feel.

Here are the specs:
Völkl Quantum Energy II, 320 g, 32.15 cm balance, 302 sw
Babolat APDGT, 359 g, 32.65 cm balance, 342 sw
Thanks for the data, here are the curves:

Dividing one with the other shows that you have succeeded well with getting both follow the same curve. The Babolat is about 13% heavier for all swings.


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