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I'm with Goober, to a certain extent. For background, I started as a 2.5 and am now 4.0.

Early on, I tried to implement singles strategy. I learned the directionals. It didn't work. (Meaning I didn't win). The reason wasn't that the strategies were wrong or bad. I simply didn't have the mechanics to execute anything on a consistent basis.

Take the pusher. One strategy for dealing with pushers is to take the net and so take away their time. Nice idea. Assuming you can hit an approach shot, a finishing volley and an overhead.

Nowadays, I find it works better simply to develop consistency in my strokes and work on fitness and agility. For that, I think clinics and lessons are a better way to improve at my level than videos on strategy. If you can't execute the shots, all the strategy in the world won't help you much.

That said, I do find a lot of value in FYB (and Essential Tennis) content on stroke mechanics. I also enjoy watching the pros implement strategy. Most of the time, I find myself thinking, "I'd beat everybody if I could do *that.*"
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