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Sometimes, is not that the other guys are "sandbaggers" sometimes you are just not good enough, at least at the 4.0 level the gap is huge between the low 4.0s and the high 4.0s, and it is very usual that when the first get to play with the second there are some "sandbagging" comments.

It happened to me on my past league match, we were playing line 3, I am a decent 4.0 and my partner too, the other guys were low 4.0s and they kept talking between each other (loud enough so we could hear it) and they kept saying "it's ok we lost that point, they are 4.5s".

There are other cases where the computer keeps bumping up a guy to 4.5 by mid season, he gets creamed at 4.5 and then is bumped down to 4.0 where he wins every match, although I think this last case is more about the guy getting use to 4.5 pace, what I am trying to show that difference of level within a single rating point (basically the difference between good 4.0s and low 4.0s).

I would say that a good way to measure yourself within your rating is to sign up for a big tournament, if you get your behind kicked in the first round you are probably in the low end of the spectrum, if you make it to the third round you are on the top end. Of course it also depends on you draw, but usually this is a good way to measure yourself.

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