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Originally Posted by theblueark View Post
Nice to see you here, Will. To give some context, when I first started tennis with zero knowledge, I learnt EVERYTHING (forehand, backhad, etc) from the FYB free videos. Never had a coach. I loved the concept of breaking down the forehand into the essentials (starting with unit turn, I never picked up arming the ball because of this).

Then you released Tennis Ninja, and I was excited and bought the course. The lessons were invaluable and and loved them. I learnt all the basic strategy from the course, especially directionals. The content was pretty top notch. All the videos were available and you even replied to some comments people left behind on each video.

One of the biggest problems I feel with your other products is missing content and unanswered questions. I remember there are some videos which cannot be downloaded and people have commented on it but with no reply. Module 5 from the bonus Video Bootcamp is also missing with many people asking about it, the latest being 6 months ago. No replies too.

I guess people (well, I state for myself) start to feel a little abandoned. Especially when we see new content coming out, Yan's stuff, Doubles Playbook, etc. What happens to us left behind in FYB premium, Singles Playbook, the Bootcamp series (which is still missing the backhand bootcamp)?

I still am a giant fan of Tennis Ninja and review the videos once in a while. The Doubles Playbook free videos look excellent and I was extremely tempted to subscribe, but in the end my decision not to was mainly for the fear of being neglected again.
Thanks. Glad we've been able to help and I appreciate the feedback.

I can't begin to describe what the last year has been like. Mostly exhilarating but frustrating at times as well. I started FYB in my parents' basement with Adam Sieminski, a friend since first grade. We saw how Facebook was changing the way we communicated with our friends, and how iTunes was changing the way we listened to music, and we believed that the Internet could also change the way tennis was taught and learned.

We believed that it would increase access to the game for those who couldn't afford an expensive club, or more simply didn't live near one. We believed that it would allow recreational players to take their games above and beyond what was possible given their access to instruction at the time. On-court lessons, books, etc.

About two years ago things really took off, and the last 18 months or so have been particularly crazy. Basically, ever since we worked with the Bryan Bros. Obviously that's awesome, but the frustrating part has been the growing pains we've gone through. Things that were easy to stay on top of a few years ago are now difficult as the demands on our time have increased. We're still a two-man shop, although we're about to hire.

None of this is meant to be an excuse. If I've lost your trust then it's my responsibility to earn it back, and that's what I'm going to try to do. We started off as two kids wet behind the ears (I'm now 30 - yikes!) and we're becoming better businessmen by the day. Running the website is similar to a tennis match. You make some unforced errors along the way but ultimately it's the score at the end of the match that matters.

Thanks again for the constructive criticisms. Please keep them coming.

- Will
Will Hamilton
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