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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
I think this viewpoint will alienate a number of recreational players. If you're playing tournaments, and to a lesser extent league, then it's possibly true. However, if the biggest 'match' you play is with recreational hitting partners or a ladder match at your local club, then a winning at all costs attitude is less prevalent.

It's important to remember that the reason we play is because we enjoy the game. Some people enjoy winning so much, that will be their focus. Others look elsewhere. Nowadays I measure success not on the scoreline, but on how well I feel I've played: and for me, that's about striking the ball cleanly, and moving well. I don't have that killer attitude any more. I'd far rather come off court feeling I've played well and losing, than having a stinker but grinding out a win.
Very true. People play tennis for all sorts of reasons - fun, exercise, to socialize, etc.

What I'm really getting at is that you want to be a good competitor. Personally, I get the most enjoyment out of tennis knowing that I competed well, win or lose. Frankly, the result is somewhat secondary if I've done that.

Obviously, it's nice to play well. But that doesn't always happen. Regardless, you can still compete well. And frankly, I don't want tennis to only be fun when I'm hitting well. I want it to be fun all the time.

More generally, isn't the struggle part of the fun?
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