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Originally Posted by vil View Post
I wasn't sure about posting this but decided to post it anyway. The video is about 2 to 3 months old and I still play with my older style. I'm trying to make my forehand more compact.
Anyway, this is what I do if I can't find any partners.
Originally Posted by vil View Post
OK, this video may clarify a bit more, the way I hit the ball. (I'm closer to the camera) I said this before I'm an old school type of player and just trying to modernise my forehand. If my swing path is right or wrong I don't care, it works for me when I practice enough. My grips are forehand- eastern or SW, backhand- eastern, slice backhand- somewhere near continental.
Thanks for posting vil. Nice fluid strokes imo. Very instructional for me. I would eventually like to closely approximate the way you hit the ball. Maybe that's not possible. But worth shooting for I think. Enjoyed your vids. How old and what NTRP competitive level are you?
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