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Originally Posted by Sky_Boy View Post
u move pretty fine for your age... BH swing path seems wrong .. it's neither a slice nor topspin drive.. if it's a slice then your not slicing the ball enough.. motion should be down to upwards.. which means point of contact starts from waist level...
I'll try to get some court play vids tonight. I probably have lots of fundamental flaws that I'm unaware of. Thanks for the feedback.

Originally Posted by Sky_Boy View Post
and do u change your grip when hit your BH drive? it seems u use eastern forehand for your BH slice
Yes, I use different grip for FH and BH. FH drive is an eastern grip more or less, I think. BH is continental more or less, I think. For BH drive I adjust or rotate (my grip) a little to the left ... so I guess that's sort of between a continental and a full western.

Originally Posted by Sky_Boy View Post
i think that's normal.. most ppl dictate and generate more pace on their FH.. same goes for a big majority of atp pros..fh is definately their better side.. apparently it seems that quite a few wta women stronger side are their bh.. are women just better at bh than men?? lol
Ironically, my BH seems to me to be the more solid shot when hitting on court. That is, I miss fewer BHs than FHs. Usually I just slightly undercut it. So it tends to stay low and skid.
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