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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
You lost me at the word "boardy".
And then again at "PHT still holds the edge in spin and comfort".

At $16, 4G makes little sense now
There's the key issue for gut/poly users.

If 4G's low tension loss is for real AND the string remains playable for an extended period as a cross with gut mains then $16 is a very good deal compared to many other polys (including cheaper ones) that drop lots of tension and die becoming an unplayable mess.

It's a bit like full gut. Today full gut is a great value since it remains playable until it breaks. If you're not a huge string breaker (ie most low to mid level players) then it's a far better value than cheaper multis which require more frequent re-stringings.

The 4G crosses are still far more comfy than other polys I've tried. They have a muted, poofy feel on impact. So they lack the relative pop of PHT crosses and are a far cry from something like CoFocus in power. It's just that they seem so perfect I'm trying to be extra careful in not getting carried away with them. So I may sound extra critical at times. In my heart I was giddy with delight at how hard I could swing and still keep the ball in with spinny precision.
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