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Originally Posted by Mig1NC View Post
I have a bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems... Which means I have no idea what half this means...

But I will say that regardless of the scientific validity of the formula, it does work for me. I have found when I tune my racquets using this formula (and then fine tune) they just feel right. It just clicks.
two questions:
1. Have you done any 'blind test' to verify that 'it just clicks'?
2. If you need to 'fine tune' some more - does it mean you end up with MgR/I --not-- being equal to 21.0? if so, doesn't that mean that 21.0 is not any magic number? It's like saying that the 'best' weight for a tennis racket is 290 grams - but you have to fine tune it to suit you. For a player A he will fine tune it to 310gr. Other will tune it to 280 gr. the rackets will feel great for a respective player. Does that mean that the 'best' weight is 290 gr, or not?

Look, if it makes you play better with believing that your racket should be at MgR/I=21.0 than by all means use it. I believe I play better in blue shorts and black wristbands. But let's not claim there's some scientific proof or evidence that racket with MgR/I = 21.0 is 'the optimal one'. No one showed that, including travlerajm.
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