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Question Which of the Babolat Polys would you recommend?

So after a couple months of demoing and about fifty dollars to TW, I've decided that I'm going to buy a Pure Storm Ltd. I knew I wanted a 95 sq in. head with a tight string pattern, but I had to work my way through several racquets. The store here in Los Angeles that I'm buying it from (I was given a 200.00 gift certificate as a b-day present) offers a promotion where if you buy a Bab, you get one of the Bab strings for free at no cost for the stringing. For the last year and a half I've been loving my Kirschbaum Pro Line II, but, hey, free string is free string.

So out of the Pro Hurricane, PHT, RPM, and Revenge, which do you recommend? The Pro Line II is my favorite because it's soft, holds tension well, and is durable. Do any of the Bab strings fit that profile? I have no trouble generating pace or spin, so that isn't really any issue. I use 17 g. PR II.
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