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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
I'll try to get some court play vids tonight. I probably have lots of fundamental flaws that I'm unaware of. Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, I use different grip for FH and BH. FH drive is an eastern grip more or less, I think. BH is continental more or less, I think. For BH drive I adjust or rotate (my grip) a little to the left ... so I guess that's sort of between a continental and a full western.

Ironically, my BH seems to me to be the more solid shot when hitting on court. That is, I miss fewer BHs than FHs. Usually I just slightly undercut it. So it tends to stay low and skid.
i suggest using eastern grip for bh drive not continental... unless your slicing..index knuckle on 1st bevet.. if it stays low and skid then it's a slice.. from what i see your bh strokes is kinda of a slice without sufficient slice action on it which means there's some drive action on it.. i think u should learn the proper techniques on both shots and not mix it up..there's many videos online for that.. compare both their slice stroke and bh topspin and u would be able to see what i mean
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