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Originally Posted by Sky_Boy View Post
sry i wasn't clear.. the motion down to up that is mention is for bh drive not slice
I understand. Part of the problem now is that I have an injured wrist. So, I'm hedging on certain strokes. Flat, slightly undercut or slice backhand isn't painful. Topspin backhand is painful for some reason that I don't know. Forehand is basically without pain ... it's just that I can't decide whether to hit old school more or less flat or more modern with topspin. Serve is still painful. Played tonight against a (estimated) 3.5 NTRP and lost 6-1, 6-4. Everything is an experiment at this point.

Would have some videos from the match tonight but got a 2GB (because it was a lot cheaper and also on sale) instead of the necessary 16GB SD card. Have to wait until the next social security check to upgrade. But just a couple of weeks.

Hoping that other 2.5 to 3.0 players will post their videos and comments here. Also, would like to see instructional videos and comments from more advanced players.

Thanks for your feedback.
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