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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
That's not a very good practice wall. It's too low, and it appears that the court is too shallow. You can't execute a full swing with the optimal height on that wall without the ball landing behind you.
I respectfully disagree. I think it's an adequate practice wall for people with good technique. (Which, apparently, I'm lacking.) But, with that in mind, I have to agree that it might benefit me more if the distance between me, the hitter, and the wall was somewhat increased.

Regarding another issue. You gave me some good advice a while back on my serve. I've been experimenting with turning more sideways (which I think promotes some of the things you were talking about), and have been having very good results ... even with my injured wrist.

The hitting more sideways seems to impart more spin to the serve. Interestingly, it's also faster and more reliable (as long as I remember to actually keep my head up looking at the ball while I'm serving).
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