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Originally Posted by toly View Post
According to all textbook about angular motion, Ѡ is angular velocity. So formula 4 was wrong.
Right now you start using α angular acceleration without proper corrections and all your formulas become wrong.
ω isn't angular velocity, but it is often used to denote (stand for) angular velocity. But you can use any symbol you like as long as you are consistent (and I was). I have changed so now I am using the more common α to denote angular acceleration to avoid confusion. While at it I also changed the Moment (torque) from M to the more common τ in the latest version.

There are no standards saying what symbol you must use for a certain variable, just common practice. I agree that the common practice helps avoiding confusion, but it doesn't change the equations. And the common practice has changed since I taught at the university

As for eq 4 there is a good explanation here
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