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Originally Posted by Bowtiesarecool View Post
Thsi sums up pretty much the most important aspects of wall practice.
That guy is a clown.

Specifically regarding that video... TWO bounces?

Letting the ball bounce twice kills the pace of the ball. The whole point of the wall is developing repeatable pace and control. By letting the ball bounce twice kills the pace of the "rally". Letting the ball bounce more than once is like dropping the ball at waist height and taking a swing. It's practically useless.

Put up a target? You dont need a "target" to hit at rofl.

1) If you hit the ball too high or two low you will kill the rally because the ball will have to bounce more than once.

2) If you hit the ball too wide you will be running back and forth like a madman and probably not be able to maintain a rally.

You pretty much have to hit a target by default if you want to rally with the wall. Unless... you're this guy and let the ball bounce twice and only hit forehands.

And OP (TomT) looks good for 2.5, but you might have problems finding a team that low. Theres no reason why you cant rate 2.5 though, but id count adult/senior leagues out in most places in the country because there wont be enough people. I wouldnt go higher than 3.0 though, unless you have more footage to show.

Good control over the wall as a "2.5". Most 2.5's will not be able to rally with the wall after the feed haha.
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