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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Other polys and multis I've tried with gut mains:

- RPM Blast
- RPM Team
- Hurricane Feel
- Pro Hurricane Tour
- MSV CoFocus
- MSV Focus Hex
- WC Silver String
- Luxilon (various)
- Xcel Premium
- TNT2 (various)
- L Tec (various)
- others I've forgotten due to poor performance!

Of these my favorites in the past have been MSV CoFocus and Focus Hex depending upon the frame and Pro Hurricane Tour.

Playability-wise 4G 16g is my new favorite. Will update as to comfort and durability over the long haul. Hitting again later tonight (will have to put US Open on pause while I hit).
Do you think 4G is very similar to RPM team string. i thought that string was very very low powered with decent control.

and that Nat Gut gets very expensive cause i break alot of strings so what Multi strings do you prefer in its place ?
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