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Default What causes streakiness in dubs?

I have a doubles partner that I play with fairly regularly. We are laughingly streaky. We will run off nine, ten, eleven games in a row almost every time we play. It's not that we are killing people. Sometimes we are getting killed (say 0-4, 1-5) in a match, then we go on to win games in bunches. Even then, it isn't like we are overpowering anyone. I've noticed that we seem to win a lot of games where we are down love-30 or love-40. We also don't change strategy much (although I don't think it takes much of a change in strategy to turn things around sometimes).

I know in singles you can get on a roll when you start feeling good about your strokes, but dubs is a different animal IMO.

So what causes this kind of streakiness?
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